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Born out of a love of Aviation, Aviation Park Group was formed in 1994 when our founder and CEO Colin Butt purchased 30 acres of land and buildings at Hawarden Airport. Nearly 10 years later, Aviation Park Group expanded, purchasing a further 30 acres which enabled us to expand our business to incorporate rental offices and warehouses.

It was in 2005 that Aviation Park Group opened a purpose built FBO which enabled us to offer a first class service to the busy business traveller or a relaxed start to a trip away. These facilities, alongside our extensive hangar and apron space has meant Hawarden Airport is a destination for Corporate, VIP and General Aviation.

In addition to this, it is a thriving business hub, with over 350,000 sq ft of rental space and 40 tenants. Aviation Park Group is home to many successful businesses; both in aviation and other industries, including an award-winning Gymnastics Academy, a classic car specialist and an industry leading super-gym.

We are also home to the hugely popular Chock’s Away Diner which has a delicious menu of hot and cold meals, drinks and snacks.

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Hawarden airfield was established on 1st September 1939 and was one of the main RAF airfields for the UK during the ‘Battle of Britain’. RAF Hawarden was classed as one of the best, yet dangerous, training grounds for pilots, flying Spitfires and Hurricanes. It also held the RAF’s No 48 maintenance unit and until July 1957 stored, maintained and scrapped military aircraft, including Handley Page Halifax, Vickers Wellingtons, Horsa gliders, Avro Lancasters and DH Mosquitos. At the end of the war, between June – September 1945, more than 1000 aircraft were brought back to Hawarden to be broken up.

The RAF ceased their operation at Hawarden on 31st March 1959.

Hangars were constructed at Hawarden airfield for the many aircraft they stored, some which still remain in operation today. Many of the hangars still have original bomb holes from the fighting aircraft during the war.

Hawarden airfield has stayed true to its roots and since the 1970s the airfield has built many factories and is now the centre of wing production for all Airbus aircraft currently used today.


Aviation Park Group Ltd would like to thank local photographers for some of the fabulous shots on our website. It is with their kind permission that we have published the photos. Many thanks to Ryan Baker – Jacob Hickey – Derek Rogers.

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